Big Bucks are Back!

Big Bucks are Back!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Critter Cabin!!!!!

Hey everybody !!

 They are are back..
Come and see if they brought some Christmas treats for us!

I just know that they brought some treats, I can smell them with my good nose!

After getting two fires going and cutting several tree limbs we decided to have a bite to eat for lunch! 
Hamburgers on English muffins, with extra fixin's!
Hum, what a combo!

Looks like we are going to have company for lunch too.
Sorry, no corn at this meal!
Might check out the buck that is under the shooting range of cans!!

We had left our game camera out for 6 days. Came back to Critter cabin and it had 1023 pictures on it! Took us awhile to look at all of them.
 Several of the deer must like there pictures taken, as they were on it alot.
This is a nice 4x4. Hope that he hangs around the area in the fall.
I'm thinkin' that his horns will make a nice hat rack!

Christmas Eve dinner on the fire pit! Oh, boy, was it yummy!
Words can't express the taste!
Prawns on the grill over the fire!

Veggies on the pan, next to the fire!

Now this guy was new to us! He seems to think that we are no danger to him!
But little does he know we like to go hunting for deer!

I'm thinking that he will be a nice 3x3 or even a 4x4 this hunting season!

Merry Christmas to all the deer.

May you enjoy all the corn and salt that we put out for you over the months ahead!

Now as Christmas eve rolls along, I am wondering if Santa has enough deer for his sleigh?
Seems like that they are hiding out here with us enjoying the camp fire!

Merry Christmas to all our Critter Cabin followers!
Hope that you had a great Christmas.
 I know that we did.

Looking forward to a blog to end out the 2011 year.
 Maybe with some exciting highlights?
Any ideas?


Friday, December 23, 2011

Cold ~ Cold ~ Fun!

Off we go again to Critter Cabin!
 It sure is cold here at Critter Cabin. It was 34 inside the cabin and who knows how cold outside.
We have lots of burn piles to get burned so today we light off 2 of them. We are still limbing up the trees for fire danger and so we can see under them.

Put up a wire with cans on them so that you can shoot them without stopping to stand them up.
 Now the BBs will fly!

This is one silly girl!
Emma having fun at the fire pit!

Well, the pond up behind the cabin is frozen.
It's not very deep, so it makes for a fun time on the ice.

Smile Emma, you are candid camera!

Pat walking up the road towards the cabin.
We had a nice walk, exploring the property.

Spilt ear is just being a lazy bum!


No words needed for this one! Only Austin would think of this!

We had a fun time with the kids at Critter Cabin.
 Funniest part of the weekend was when Emma wanted to know if it was time to go to bed yet.
 It was only 7:00.
She decided to stay up till 7:30.
so as not to be a whoss!
Seems like it's later than normal time here at Critter Cabin in the evening hours!

Be sure to stay tuned, our Christmas blog is comimg soon!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blog Long over Due!!!

Long Over Due!

Here we at Critter Cabin in October for the last weekend of deer hunting. Kristy, Jeff, Zachery, Dylan, Austin, Pat and I were all there for the weekend. We started off the weekend with a hot dog lunch. Lots of differnet types of dogs to choose from, they were all yummy!

The evening brought a nice camp fire, and what goes with a campfire??
Ghost stories from Papa!
 He got us all going with scary thoughts!

Later after the stories were over, I slipped away and got a sheet to put over my head and headed out to the campfire.
With, NO holes in the sheet, I had a really hard time getting around in the dark.
Austin saw me and asked " What are you doing Grandma?"
So much for being a scary ghost!

The boys and there guns!
Zachery gets his shots off!

Austin shoots his shots next!

Dylan tries to be like the big boys!
He will soon be able to hold the gun like them.

Guess that you are never to old for the BB gun!
Papa, those BBs are for the boys!

Kristy in her hunting wear!
Her and I had a great time hunting up there.
So proud of her in losing her 40 pounds!

I save this picture for last!
Words can't express on how much we loved Reba. She went everywhere with us.
 She is now gone to Dog Heaven!
She will be missed always!

I will try and do my best to keep up on my blogs.
Please feel free to post on them.

Keep in touch for one coming soon!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

~~ Work ~~ Fun ~~ Sun ~~

Welcome back to Critter Cabin!
We decided to take off and spend the weekend at Critter Cabin.
It is supposed to be a really nice weekend.
We get going early Friday afternoon.
We stoped by to get some chips for the animals on the way, knowing that they are ready for some treats!

We arrive and unload the truck and trailer.
 Put the chips out on the ground and not long the deer come to see whats up!
I think that they can smell the chips from far away!

Well, as you can see, they have found the chips!
They like to eat these because they have lots of salt on them.

Same old bunch of deer that are always around the area.
You have heard me talk about Spilt Ear, well he is in this herd.
We see them most all day in the area around the cabin.

One hen turkey, wonder where all her freinds went?

"Hey.... Everybody its turkey season ~~ run for your life!"

This Tom Turkey was walking up behind the cabin gobbling his head off, all by himself!


Guess that this Tom turkey knew that he was safe with us!

One nice beard on him.
Just bet that a turkey hunter would love to shoot him!
Friday and Saturday evening we would listen to the turkeys gobbling
all around the area in every direction.

This is an old road that Pat and I wanted to clear out. 
The road goes to a property that we had prior to getting this cabin property.
 It has lots of wood on it to cut that is standing  dead.
There was a fire on it in 2001, called The Sheldon Ridge Fire. 

Lots of work brushing this road out, it took both of us 6 hours to do it.

Back at the cabin for lunch, well it is rest time for us too.
We had to take five for a nap in the sun!

All done!
 What a job!

We are standing on ROLLING ROCK BLUFF!
Everybody just has to roll rocks off this bluff!

The view is great out here at the end of the road.
The snow covered hills in the distance are the Simcoe Mountains by Goldendale Washington.

Time of year that they flowers are out!
This is a Sagebrush Buttercup.

Blue Eyed Grass

These are really pretty flowers.

Good old pine cone.

Some unusual mushrooms

Looks like something from China ~ what ~~Did I say that!

Well, back to Rolling Rock Bluff.
Just to show everybody that the road was cleared out enough
for the diesel to drive down without scratching it all up.

Laura resting on the 4 wheeler.
Hey, does anybody notice the wheels on the 4 wheeler?
Yep, car tires on it with chains!
Really works good, and they don't cost alot of money to buy.

Pat driving the truck back to the cabin.
Great improvement to the property.


Out with Reba for a walk and what do I see!
How many people have gotten a photo of a deer in air like this?

Or maybe like this?

Hey !  ~~~ wait for me!
 Two down and one to go!

All the dinner for Saturday night was cooked outside on the fire!
Look below to see what was cooked.

Beef steak, potatoes, celery and carrots!

To top off the dinner

Kristy and Jeff arrived early evening.
 Kristy rode the 4 wheeler up with this turkey in her arms!
We thought it was real!
Good joke on us!

Sunday morning was spent riding the 4 wheelers around and walking around looking for shed horns.
Jeff found a nice set of shed horns and all I found was some pretty flowers.
This one is called, Yellow Fawn Lily.

Now this is called Alpine Shooting Star.
I call  it Birds Peak.

Look how delicate they are.

This is a interesting thing ~~ think that it is a fungus of some kind.

This road we went down had lots of dead oak trees for wood.
 It will be a great place to get our winter oak wood.
Here Jeff and Pat are moving a oak tree that is in the road.
They probably could move it by hand, but I think Jeff just wanted to try out his wench.

Kristy and Jeff brought hamburgers to cook for us over the fire.
 What a nice treat and it was yummy.

It was a fun trip to Critter Cabin.
 Great  to have Kristy and Jeff surprise us on Saturday night. We had fun riding 4 wheelers and looking for sheds.
Was also great to get Rolling Rock Road opened up for everybody to use!
It will be nice to use for hunting and also just ride out and Roll a Rock down the Bluff!

Keep in touch for the next trip to Critter Cabin!